Thursday, June 14, 2007


Just so alls y'alls know, I've mentally checked out at work at this point. I made it to work this morning, albeit five minutes late, but I had a miserable hangover and have been wanting to die every since I got here. But, as Adam has conveniently pointed out, I haven't worked a full week since April, so I'm trying to actually make it five days in a row. Plus, I should start saving my sick leave for a real illness, like Beach Week.

Also, I'm only going to tuck in my shirt if I happen to have an interview later in the day. That's my new philosophy.

The one good thing I can say about work is that, with all the free time I've given myself, I'm getting really, really good at Sudoku. Morgan suggested that my resume should simply be a completed Sudoku. Level: Hard.


Colin Morris said...

Haha. Today, one of my bosses ("Office Space" complaints, anyone? I feel like Peter) sent out an e-mail calling people out on being ridiculously late (hours) to work.

I've been late to work before, but was early today. That didn't stop her from insinuating I was an hour and a half late, since she had been near my office at one point and hadn't seen me there.


-cm @ Clark & Div.

Stella said...

At least your phone comes today! :)

panda head said...

i'd be impressed with a finished sudoku game, for sure. but if you really do that it means that i'll no longer be able to sheepishly ask you to send me your resume so i can use it as the basis for mine. i can't even start a sudoku game!!!!!