Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I should watch more TV.

I went with Adam to this happy hour yesterday afternoon. It was with Alissa's company, celebrating(?) the last day of some dude she worked with. Adam used to work there, so it wasn't so weird that he was there, but I did happen to interview for a job there, so it was kind of awkward. Granted, the guy who interviewed me probs. looked more uncomfortable that I did, so I wasn't sweating it. Also, I got drunk from three beers. Holla, Happy Hour!

At one point, this guy that Adam used to work with sat down and was asking him about his job here. Adam said he loved it, that even though he didn't get paid as much as he did at his old place, he did manage to watch three seasons of Battlestar Galactica in an entire week. When you think about it that way, yes, our job is kind of awesome. I doubt a real job would allow me to blog as much, or to create my own lolcats, or to watch all of 30Rock in three days, or blatantly not even pretend to work by doing crosswords and sudoku puzzles (by the way, I finished the sudoku in the Red Eye yesterday in five minutes or so, and the Red Eye guy took seventeen minutes. I'm really smart at numbers now), but at the same time, I'd like to be doing something somewhat productive, so I can actually do something with my life, like, eventually. I'm not looking to buy a condo or anything. I just want to be able to drink a lot of gin AND still have money to go on a vacation.

Speaking of vacations: I'm going to Virginia tomorrow until Sunday. My bro-bro is graduating, so I'm anticipating some sort of visible excitement rather than his usual apathetic angst. It might get weird. Also, it'll be nice to get out of Chicago for a while and not deal with the job hunting bullshit. I updated my resume on CareerBuilder for the first time in a month and I wanted to cry. I'd much rather sit in my parents' backyard and read not do anything for a couple of days. I'm also looking forward to seeing my dad, who is doing pretty well, by the way - just three more weeks of chemo and then we'll see how things are. And if you're a Virginian friend and want to get together, I might be swayed to travel on Friday night for good times, either in Fredericksburg (preferably) or Richmond.


Laurie said...

ehhhh!! im going to be in norfolk with my parents this weekend! i cant believe you keep coming to virginia and somehow we can NEVER get it together.

Anonymous said...

tyler! come to the va beach area! i know it's super shitty, but come on, pale people on the beach together... we'll make a great reflectively white pair! (especially if laurie will be down this way too, nudge nudge) <3, melanie.

Stella said...

Hollerz. Hit me up! :)