Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Best friends don't yell at best friends."

This clip from this week's episode of The Hills is kind of long, but I think it does a really great job at showing what the show is in a nutshell: dumb as shit.

First of all, Whitney is my fave because she's the dumbest gal on the show. She's one of those people who over-annunciates her Gs. I bet she moves her cursor under the words while she reads her emails. Anyhoo, she's supposedly one of the stars of the show, and I know this because she's in all of the posters and is one of the four girls in the opening credits. But in actuality, her function is basically to be there while Lauren gets us up to speed on the stuff that's going on in her life - even though we JUST SAW IT in the previous scene. I guess it makes sense because we wouldn't want to see Lauren complain about it to herself. That'd be crazy.

Also, this week's episode was obviously scripted, as the feud between Lauren and Heidi escalated when they BOTH ENDED UP AT THE SAME RESTAURANT. OMG! Like, how big is LA? And "Ketchup" is the name of the restaurant? Even WHITNEY saw the, like, symbology or whatever in that name. Seriously.

And do the producers think you can't tell when they've looped and dubbed over dialogue? Spencer was able to have an entire phone conversation with Heidi in TWO SENTENCES.

I'm not surprised Lauren Conrad wants red lights in her room. Red lights = whores. Y'know?

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