Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grad school looks better everyday.

I was working on a long post about how I think it's absolutely fine if Jodie Foster doesn't want to publicly say she's a lesbian, but then I took a break from it to go call about the two jobs I was waiting to hear from at Northwestern. Aaaand, surprise! I didn't get one of them (the one I actually wanted), and wasn't able to talk to the woman who interviewed me for the other one.

It's September, which means I've been looking for a new job for nine months. (See, employers? I have excellent math skills.)

(Just as an aside, I'd like to state that other than this miserable job search, and the fact that it's still really hot here and I sit in my apartment and sweat a lot, everything in my life is going splendidly. Just to fill you in.)

I have a few immediate options: eating my feelings my pop-tarts, calling my mom, scouring Craigslist for part time retail positions, or listening to The Weakerthans.

It is highly likely that I will drop-kick a DePaul student today.

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