Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ten thoughts on this year's Emmy Awards.

1. Ryan Seacrest outed himself at least three times.

2. Katherine "It's pronounced 'Hi-ghel'" Heigl sassed everyone in America.

3. The cast of Jersey Boys effectively gayed-up The Sopranos. Somewhere in Trenton, at least five housewives cried tears of joy into their Turning Leaf pinots.

4. Elaine Stritch was as old and nuts as she could have possibly been. Someone needs to give that lady her own sitcom.

5. The producers of this year's Emmys should have announced it as the Tony Bennett show at seven o'clock and called it a fucking night.

6. Seriously, fuck Al Gore. Fuck him. Al Gore does not deserve a goddamn standing ovation for winning an Emmy in a category that was made up just to give him another consolation prize for losing to The Idiot seven years ago. And, by the way, I'm so glad I deleted Tom from my MySpace friends.

7. Thank you, Robert Duvall, for becoming America's crazy, overwrought grandfather.

8. I can't decide which female cast member of Grey's Anatomy I hate more:
Just kidding: it's Kate Walsh, only because I had to see her Cadillac commercial four times tonight. Al Gore's vocal inflections could sell a car better than that bitch.

9. Dear FOX: If Sally Field wants to say "goddamn" on the air, you LET HER. She's a national treasure and she's got something to say.

10. Does anyone else think that making the Asian guy from Heroes introduce the Internets segment was slightly racist?


matt said...

at least he got to use a Mac

each of the two said...

so, I'm watching the emmy's and my BF walks in at this point to see if its worth watching with me, and says, "oh, great, thats not a stereotype; the asian with the computer, fucking stupid"
and promptly went back to watching football.

had to hand it to him...

Anonymous said...

I laughed really hard when I saw that picture of Seacrest. God, he makes me feels so much better about myself.