Friday, September 21, 2007

Top ten Friday links.

I'm lazy today, for reals, and I also don't really have anything about my life to share with the Internets. Instead, I'm going to provide you with a few quality links to check out.

10. FourFour supplies you with all of the animated Tyra gifs you could possibly need.

9. Julie Klausner craves a burger.

8. Jezebel's Moe on Jena and Jenna.

7. Lindsay Robertson created a terrific Facebook group.

6. Wonkette provides a picture of our greatest president immortalized in Corn Maze.

5. Lolsecretz. Obvs.

4. Suddenly I'm not so embarrassed about my parents reading my blog...

3. ...but I kind of would like an editor to read it.

2. It's been thirty years since the Fonz jumped the shark.

1. A. O. Scott is a gay guy who doesn't know stuff about laughter.

1 comment:

Yeti said...

thank you for the Tyra gifs. you have no idea !