Monday, September 17, 2007

Birt'day Wrap Up.

My birthday weekend was very good. I didn't get really drunk or dance, but I still enjoyed myself immensely. Many friends came out on Saturday night to celebrate with me, and it was a really nice evening. Twenty-three was a tough year with a lot of emotional ups and downs, and I'm lucky that I've got so many great people who helped me through it. Let's hope twenty-four continues on such a good note.

I didn't do anything stupid on my birthday, which is a great feeling, although I did have a brief lapse in judgment when I almost saw Across the Universe. Then I found out that Bono is in it and came to my senses. Also, the main character is named Jude. As in "Hey Jude." I bet Julie Taymor misuses "literally" on a daily basis. Take a gander for yourself:

Nice double takes, dude.

And here's an unrelated link, but a really good one: This Recording has an excerpt from a Vanity Fair article that examines Arthur Miller's public denial of his fourth child, a son with Down syndrome.

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