Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Uncertain times

I haven't been in the best mood for the past twenty four hours since I found out that our lovely HR department decided that I am not eligible for a job that my old boss is hiring for, which pisses me off because I actually KNEW the person who was supposed to be picking the best candidates for the position. But no, some anonymous HR ass decided that I could not even be considered, because I haven't actually done the job before.

I have lost all patience with this place.

Since it's fall and I have a penchant for allergies and making life-plans that tend to be broken within three months, I've been doing a lot of sneezing and thinking lately. Last night, I laid in bed trying to figure out what to do. I decided that I need to just start saving money (perhaps even opening a savings account?) so that I can quit my job at the end of the year, since my chances of getting anything else are pretty slim. I will then go back to temping and use my savings to pay for my expensive medicine, which will rise in costs because of my lack of health insurance. I will also not cross streets and wear a lot of padding (but it'll be wintertime by then, so the timing is perfect). Doesn't that sound like a terrific idea?

Then I watched Klute, which you should see because it's very good.

And now I'm at work, where I've done nothing for an hour. And I'm procrastinating my homework, which is due this evening and I haven't started yet, because I'm not a serious student. It's just a two-page sketch piece which shouldn't take long, but of course I put it off and now I don't want to write what I planned originally because I'm trying to make an effort to make shit up instead of just writing about myself. But it's difficult because I'm my favorite subject.

Oh, speaking of which, I can use this opportunity to show you I shaved, only because it was my birthday and I was afraid that I'd look extra skeezy and dirty in pictures (none of which, of course, were taken).

I'm wearing a cardigan today I got for my birthday, so at least I can be satisfied knowing that I look pretty good.


Broady said...

Like the haircut. You look very non-American in this picture, in fact, I would swear you were Dutch or German if I didn't know better.

Todd said...

Actually, I think he has the Belgian sex worker look going on.