Friday, September 28, 2007

Death, still.

I am no longer drunk. Now my head is heavier than the rest of my body and it hurts a lot.

Adam just guilted me into staying at work after I told him I was going to leave early (like, now). After he scolded me ("blah blah blah you're hungover, not sick blah blah blah you're an adult now blah blah blah nothing but scorn for you, etc"), I decided that I'll try to stay. At least until three o'clock. Besides, I have this week's Gossip Girl to watch.

Last night, John, Kristin, and I went to Berlin (the bar, not the city) and saw this guy "rap," which is why I'm having such a rough morning. I can't decide what part of the night was better. It might have been when two breakdancers mounted the stage during the first song and Cazwell demanded that they leave. But I think it was the drag queen who was wearing a surgical mask, ergo looking like Leatherface.

This is unrelated, but eh. I've given up on transitions today.


Katy said...

Everyday I get funnier.

Todd said...

As a Berlin alumus, this is all too familiar. Go home, order in, mix your cocktail of choice (just one) - and all will be better.