Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Sew Time.

OMG, you guys! Project Runway!! I'm sew excited that it's finally on again. It's been a rough year without it, but I think it was sew worth the wait, right?

I'm mostly excited to take the opportunity to pretend that I know / give a shit about fashion and write recaps of each episode, even though every fourth blogger on the Internet is doing the same thing. But hey, I'm just happy to have a topic to write about every Thursday for the next few months. Thanks, Bravo!

Adam and his friend Mel came up with this complicated game this year where the winner could win fifty dollars. It involves everyone who participates picking three designers (randomly from a hat). There's also a complicated point system, which I'm not going to try to explain because I still don't get it. I know you're rewarded if your designer wins a challenge or cries. I wasn't able to watch it at Adam and Alissa's last night, so Carl Weathers picked out some designers for me.

Here's who I got:

1. Victorya
Victorya is one of the many designers this year to have a pretentiously misspelled first name. Also, she's kind of boring. But she went to University of Chicago, so she's smart! And maybe socially inept! Maybe that'll make for some nutty encounters with the rest of the cast.

2. Sweet P
Oh, thanks a lot, Carl, for picking the leather-clad Joni Mitchell. Again, she was rather boring, but maybe she'll have an acid flashback or two.

3. Kevin
Kevin made a point to mention that he was straight. Thank you, Kevin, for making the brave choice to come out like that. It must be hard being a minority. - it gives you and Kelis something to talk about. And can I just say that his facial hair is terrifying? It took me a while, but I figured out what he reminds me of:

Now, some random thoughts:

The best part of the episode clearly was the opening, when they had everyone sprint across a field for fabric. The producers rewarded us for waiting a year for this by having a fat designer this year. Thank you, Heidi Klum.

I would support Stephen if only for the fact that he's from Chicago, but I can't because he's a serial killer.

I can tell Rami is an authentic designer because he wears a measuring tape scarf.


Sew far, I'm a little underwhelmed. And I think Heidi is, too:

UPDATE: Because you're dying to know, I'm sure, here are the rules for our P-Run tournament, courtesy of Adam:
+1 if your person moves on to the next round (but isn't in the top 3)
+2 if your person is in the top 3 (but doesn't win the challenge)
+5 if your person wins the challenge
+10 if your person wins the competition
+3 if your person cries (maximum of 6 points an episode, crying cause they were kicked off does not count)
+2 if Tim tells your person (directly) to "Carry on" or "Make it work"
-2 if your person is in the bottom 2
-3 if your person is kicked off


lkbom said...

Scary facial hair dude reminds me of Joey Fatone. And... his alter ego from the Backstreet Boys- who is also aptly named "Kevin".

The [Cherry] Ride said...

SO many things to comment on here, but I will leave it at two (you're welcome):
1. Nobody that graduated from the U of Chicago can possibly have fashion sense. You're fucked on that one.

2. Scary facial hair dude is SOO gay - look at him, he has gay eyes, for chrissakes!

Chris said...

I love the game, but I hate to break it to you - you are so fucked on this one. Your guys are headed off almost immediately. I'm sorry Tyler, I just thought you might want the heads up.