Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm on the verge of doing something drastic.

Have you ever had one of those days where, in the first two hours, everything that could possibly go wrong did and by nine o'clock you wonder what other forms of Hell are headed your way? Well:

I woke up at 7:25.

My train lost power for fifteen minutes.

Someone got sick on the train.

After getting off the train, a woman literally ran into me as she sped toward the train to make it inside before the doors closed.

I got to work forty minutes late.

I opened my bag and discovered my pasta sauce leaked out of the fake Glad tupperware.


Aaaand segue:

Several months ago, when I first told my new boss that I didn't particularly like working here and wanted a new job that paid more, he told me, "Oh, well, how about we move you under a new manager? And I'll give you an office!" Well, the office thing was stupid because none of the managers even have offices, but I did want to be moved under new management because my manager at the time was driving me crazy. About a week later, he tells me that he decided to not give me an office or move me under a new manager. And so begins a load of broken promises.

He then told me that I should stick around because they were going to open a new position that would require more responsibility and a higher salary. It still wasn't thirty-thousand, but hey - it's still a promotion, right? So I asked my manager regularly when this job was getting posted so I could apply, and she just signed and complained that our boss, who is never here, had told her she had to write up the job description, even though that was his job. And in the meantime, I started applying to other places because I was becoming increasingly fed up with this place.

About a month ago my manager sent out an email to the entire office telling us the job had finally been posted and that we could apply for it if we wanted to. I asked my manager immediately who was the hiring manager, and she said she was, and that she'd start looking at resumes the following week.

I never heard anything about it after that, and I just assumed that they were taking their precious time as they do with everything else around here.

Yesterday, after our Halloween potluck, at which I listened to a temp tell everyone about the production of Godspell she's in for an hour, I got an email from our department's communication director. Usually I just delete them since it's usually news that I don't understand about people I don't know, but I actually skimmed it. And there I saw that one of my co-workers, who happens to be my manager's best friend, had received the promotion and was now the auditing coordinator.

And I'm still really, really pissed about this.

I know that they did not even conduct interviews for this position, because there is no reason why they wouldn't have spoken to me about it. I'm perfectly qualified for it, given the fact that my manager and my boss had both spoken to me about the job as some kind of incentive to stick around here. And it's possible that my co-worker is more qualified for it, since she's been here much longer than I have, but the point is that my manager gave her best friend a promotion and never announced that the position had been filled. I never received anything from HR saying I wasn't selected. All of this has been done almost secretly and I'm so fucking angry about that.

This was my last chance to move forward in this office. Now I'm still stuck in a sub-par entry-level position, making less than thirteen dollars an hour on a thirty-five hour work week. And I have a degree, whereas my newly promoted co-worker (as well as my manager) do not.

So after a miserable commute to work this morning, it took a lot of effort to not turn around and go back home. It's also taking a lot of effort (read: rational thought) to not tell my boss that I'm quitting this job immediately. Also, he's not here today anyway, and that's kind of preventing my resignation, as well.


MonoCerdo said...

I'm sorry. That's horrible. My old job at Northwestern is open. It pays more than $13/hr but I think it's only 32.5 hours a week. So, maybe not a good option after all.

BG5000 said...

If you job at northwestern is open, believe me, he's applied for it.