Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to Adulthood.

Last Thursday I had an early-morning interview that I scheduled the previous afternoon for a job I didn't know much about. I was feeling rather blasé about it when I left the house that morning, more thankful that I didn't have to be at work at seven than about having another fruitless interview. By nine-thirty, however, I had the impression that I had gotten the job. And then I spent the next four days in frenzied anticipation until I got an offer yesterday morning.

Basically, I'd be the assistant to this professor who does a lot of fancy sciency things, which includes running an institute of sorts within Northwestern. He travels a lot, only teaches six months out of the year, and publishes a lot of articles, and he needs someone to manage his calendar and correspondence while he's off showing everyone how brilliant he is. And luckily, he seems like a super nice guy who immediately liked me (maybe for my keen ability to smile and nod). The interesting thing about the position is that I'll be commuting back and forth between his Chicago and Evanston offices while he decides if he's going to hire a second assistant.

It'll be a lot more responsibility, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I'll probably be busy at work most of the time, which is something I'm actually looking forward to, as the six hours of downtime at my current job has taken its toll. Sure, I won't be able to watch Netflix or 30Rock at work anymore, but the salary more than makes up for it. The unofficial offer is over ten thousand more than I'm currently making.

I'm so ecstatic about this opportunity, and I feel like I'm finally doing something. The last year and a half of work has finally paid off - I paid my dues, got some experience, and am finally able to move on. And the idea of not having to rewrite my resume every few weeks and letting my CareerBuilder account sit dormant for a while is something I'm excited about. I'm also anticipating a lifestyle change; I won't have to worry about overdrawing my account anymore, I can start building some savings, I can pay off my credit card, and can maybe even afford a sweater from J. Crew. It's kind of surreal, in a way, but I feel like a lot of my early-20s problems might find some resolution, just in time for me to settle into my MID-20s.

And here's the other crazy thing: I start on Monday. As of this writing, I have only thirty more hours of work at DePaul.


Brittany said...

"As of this writing, I have only thirty more hours of work at DePaul."

How are you celebrating? I'd start pounding back vodka tonics in the office.

Laurie said...

You and kristin should come to Savannah for New Years since you're rolling in the bux now.

each of the two said...

so when you told your mom which did you get?:

"I told you to just hang in there and someone would notice how special you are."


"so, you will just work this one and still look for a better job right sweetie?"

Tyler said...

She was excited, especially after hearing how much I'll be making. I'm sure she said to herself, "Good, you can pay me back all of the money you own me, too."

matt said...

too much awesome, indeed.

Martha said...

yay! congrats on the job, that is awesome.