Monday, November 19, 2007

A good case of the Mondays.

Today is my first day at my new job. So far I've answered the phone once and created a PDF form, mostly because I don't have access to most of the things I will eventually use to perform my daily duties. But that's okay, because I've basically spent the first half of the day staring out of the HUGE WINDOW IN MY BIG OFFICE.


So things are pretty damn good right now.

Also, my parents had a terrific weekend in Chicago. The first evening was rough because they weren't used to walking (my mother was convinced that one city block was actually three) or the cold (it was forty degrees, which is "freezing"). But I was impressed how well they behaved: my dad didn't talk to every crazy person he encountered, my mother only asked me about my job about fifteen times despite my instructions not to, and they managed to commute around the city without major injury (although my mother did get her hand caught in the door of a bus). They even took the Broadway bus from Diversey to Bryn Mawr BY THEMSELVES, which is quite a feat considering the last time I tried that I got off five blocks before I needed to because I couldn't handle all of the crazy.

My only complaint about this weekend is that my mom refused to buy me astronaut ice cream at the Museum of Science and Industry, but hey - in the grand scheme of things, is it that big of a deal? Not when you manage to get a great shot of wallaby balls!

Have a terrific day, Internet.


Todd said...

I'm gushing for you right now.

P.S. LOVE the label.

each of the two said...

im going to australia on wednesday, i now know what to get you...