Monday, November 26, 2007

Thxgiving recap, of sorts.

Sometimes having a long weekend is just as exhausting as working an actual job.

The Thanksgiving break was nice, even if I had only been at my job for three days. But it was also packed, and I stayed pretty busy. I saw two shows; The Pipettes played on Wednesday at the Double Door (which was pretty fun), and M.I.A. was at The Vic on Friday (and I lost my shiiiiiit). I also made a Coke cake and had some delicious food on Thanksgiving. Katy had a birthday and we went bowling in Skokie after unsuccessfully searching for an open ice-skating rink. I'm still a horrible bowler, and I played my worst-game ever despite making a 7-10 split. Of course, when one only bowls twice a year at best, one cannot expect to break a hundred.

I am glad it is Monday, even if it means I'm back and work and my job is slightly terrifying. But I think I find it so scary because I don't really know what I'm doing yet, and the idea of keeping someone else's shit organized when I don't even file my own emails is pretty frightening. But I'm not necessarily stressed or anything, since I have about an hour of actual work that I space out into eight hours of the day. The rest of the time I stare out the window, watching traffic.

Perhaps I'm still just shocked I'm getting paid so much to sit in my own office and watch buses drive by several floors below me?

I may try to be productive and write something worth reading, instead of boring posts like this. I'm supposed to be recapping P-Run for This Recording, although I had to skip last week as I missed the show because of the Pipettes and couldn't manage to find a rerun until yesterday. And I'm frustrated because Bravo doesn't post its shows online, which makes it difficult to get screen caps from the show, natch. I also thought about writing a post about Marianne Faithfull, which is doable provided I get my ass in gear.

I kinda just want to take a nap. Bleh.

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