Friday, November 09, 2007

"Write a blog about ingrown hairs."

Another new feature this week: Conversations with Katy.*

Occasionally, I have nutty GChat conversations with Katy. Sometimes the stuff she says is so fascinating that I want to share them with the world. To know Katy is to love her, but to read transcriptions of her instant messages is to look deeply into her soul

Our inaugural edition of Conversations with Katy is a long one about how how crazy things (cysts, hair, babies) grow inside our bodies. Read further and you just mind learn something!

me: i have a cyst on my neck
Katy: really?
me: yes
me: just a little ball
me: it's annoying
Katy: weird
Katy: where?
me: under my ear
me: it just popped up
Katy: when?
me: i thought it was a pimple
me: like, two weeks ago, maybe three
Katy: i have that too!
me: my mother used to get those on her head
me: she has one that's been there for years
Katy: mine went away actually
me: one time she said she brushed her hair and it popped out
Katy: weird
me: and bounced on the floor
Katy: WOW
Katy: that would be the best day of my life
Katy: i love it
me: i get excited when i have an ingrown hair
Katy: ME TOO!!!!
Katy: i seek them out
me: there's a sense of accomplishment when you get one out
me: like, "wow, that thing was IN ME?"
Katy: oh it is a huge satisfaction
Katy: i know, especially when you get a really long hair out
me: is that what it's like when you have a baby?
Katy: yeah except i know whats coming
Katy: and it will hurt
Katy: there is nothing better than barely pressing on an ingrown and a huge hair comes out
me: we're kindred spirits, katy.
Katy: there are many of us out there
me: i wonder if there's a chat room i can join
Katy: hmm, i bet there is
Katy: justin is the same way, and so is his sister
me: i just googled "ingrown hair fetish"
me: i don't really want to click the links
Katy: festish may not be the right word tyler
me: well, what is it? fascination?
Katy: obsession?
Katy: if you google fetish there will be trouble
Katy: write a blog about ingrown hairs
we need the peoples feedback
me: i may have to just copy and paste this whole conversation

*This is a direct rip-off of Erica's weekly Tuesdays with Jihone.


each of the two said...

i'm a big fan of "tuesdays" and now i will have to come back for "katy" damn you tyler and your incentives.

Katy said...

I'm pretty.

Erica said...

lol I love it! Everyone should post gchats with their funny friends.