Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Morning Wrap-Up: Touché, douché.

1. This morning Christina and I were both awake before seven and watching television (I didn't know stuff was on that early!). We giggled when the woman on NBC 5 said, during a segment on this weekend's new movies, "Reno 'Nine-Eleven.'" Reno 9/11! Never forget!

2. We have a new roommate moving in next month.

3. I got my hair cut last night at Art + Science and it was so worth the extra forty dollars. Go fuck yourself, Hair Cuttery!

4. I got a few visits from a Big Virginia University this week, and I happened to look at a high school classmate's AOL profile - he happened to go to this Big Virginia University - and it said, "I hate people with blogs. I don't care what you think." Ha!

5. Speaking of you not caring what I think, the Oscars are coming up on Sunday. Did you know that? Well, don't you want to know who I think will win? Stay tuned! I'll be bored again in three hours.

6. My dad asked me the other night how I felt about Osama Bin Ladin running for president. I'm afraid that I can only half-way blame the mix-up on the morphine he's taking.

7. Morgan got more press today, this time on the Washingtonian's new blog, After Hours. Notice the pictures they featured - I guess they like redheads, huh?

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matt said...

well, I'm glad you've come around to the world of decent salons. every now and again, you deserve an indulgence.