Thursday, February 15, 2007

I don't "do" full screen.

Last night I rented The Departed from the Hollywood Video down the street from my apartment. When I got to Kristin's I realized I had accidentally picked up a FULL SCREEN copy, and I was really upset and said that we couldn't watch it. On my walk home from her apartment - after I had had a half bottle of cheap red wine (it was $6.99 at The Market Place, and, considering their price inflation, it was really about $4.99 at Normal Grocery Store) - I went back to Hollywood and told them I had to exchange the DVD. I felt bad for about five minutes - I even said, "I'm sorry, I feel really snobby about this, but I just can't watch a full screen DVD. Ha ha!" But then I realized I was talking to a grown man with a poorly-groomed goatee who had so much product in his hair that it was all standing on its end, and I immediately stopped caring.

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