Monday, February 26, 2007

My twenty dollars solidifies that all of my opinions are right.

I wasn't going to update the blog-oh until the afternoon, but then I came across a transcript with six separate SAT scores, and I figured, "Hey! Time for a break!" (Not that I haven't been spending the last twenty minutes reading Cory Kennedy's blog. NO JUDGING.)

I won twenty bucks in our Oscars pool last night. Fiiiinally, paying attention to trivial trends in this year's award show season paid off! I got seventeen picks correct out of twenty three. My major mistakes were Alan Arkin (I prefered Alan Arkin, but I was expecting Eddie Murphy, which wouldn't have been terrible, since Christina made the point that he might stop doing fat-suit movies) and Melissa Etheridge (Honestly? Is this the world we're living in?). I even picked The Lives of Others over Pan's Labyrinth, and I'm glad that the people who vote for Best Foreign have sense to reward the movies that actually make statements and shit instead of just giving the award to the most "entertaining." (See the year that Amelie lost to No Man's Land.) It still pained me to see Little Miss Sunshine win for the writing. I was generally pleased with the rest of the show.

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Stella said...

Can you please comment about how everyone's dresses looked like ass last night? Thanks. I need a good cheer-me-up today.