Monday, February 11, 2008

February is a stupid month.

I am in a terrible mood today, and I will tell you why (with bullets!):

  • Yesterday I slept until two o'clock because I was out until four the night before. I hadn't even planned on being out that late, which is very frustrating. I'm also conflicted about sleeping until two yesterday, as it was also negative twenty outside all day. I can't say that I missed a lot from sleeping so late.

  • Because it was negative twenty, I did not leave the house all day. In fact, I don't think I even put on pants. Instead, I watched the last two episodes of season four of The Wire.

  • Now that I'm done with season four, I have to figure out how the hell I will watch season five, as I cannot imagine what my life will be like with an extended period without The Wire. It's kind of like how I felt about a month before I graduated college. I need to watch season five and pretend that it's not ENDING. Season four was both amazing (probably my favorite so far) and incredibly depressing. I realized that I not only loathe those inspirational-white-teacher-in-the-ghetto movies, but I also can't deal with the truth when it's handed to me in gritty, premium cable crime dramas. Also: why, Bodie? WHY?

  • After I finished The Wire, I watched 2 Days in Paris, which was very, very funny but also very, very dispiriting. Would you like to watch a couple fight for an hour and a half? Would you like half of that to be in French? Still, Julie Delpy is a sweetheart.

  • The weather is miserable. It feels like I'm not wearing pants when I'm outside, much less a second layer on my legs in the form of thermal underwear.

  • Valentine's Day is in three days, and I'm angry that I'm even considering that to be a reason why I'm not happy. But it makes me think about how last year, the week of Valentine's Day was not very celebratory, as I was dumped (in Chipotle), sent a Facebook message to a stranger whom I thought was cute (and one which, embarrassingly, did not get a response), and found out for certain that my father had cancer. I spent the actual holiday getting drunk with Kristin. This year I can't even get drunk, as V-Day is on a weeknight and I have a real job that I have to be sober for.

  • I got my haircut on Saturday, and Jason told me about this guy he went on a date with. He said it went really well, and was the first date he had in a long time that didn't feel like a job interview. I found that really disheartening, because dates are like job interviews, and if there's anything I don't enjoy it's an awkward job interview, which is probably why my first dates usually involve meeting at bars and drinking enough so that the conversation only lasts long enough for me to get drunk and make-out.

  • Roy Scheider is dead.


BG5000 said...

The proper reaction is not "why, Bodie, why", it's "fuck Marlo".

WDL said...

um, I can help take care of v-day, and I'm cute.

but tell me about isn't a bowl of cherries.

here's to a sucky month.

the glass is half full said...

1. Since when has working a day job stopped you from drinking on a weeknight!?

2. Instead of being frustrated about staying up to 4 you should be like DAYUM that was the fanciest/best night ever. You could have left at anytime, but you played on playa you have to deal. And that was so much fun in the middle of a crappy month.

3. I'll be your valentine boo...(oh don't worry this is mutually depressing)