Friday, February 01, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Last night I went to visit Justin, Katy, and CAROLINE for the first time since Caroline's birth three weeks ago. She'd gotten a little bigger and was no longer hooked up to machines in the ICU and was thus less intimidating. OR SO I THOUGHT. She was happy to see me for about two minutes before she decided she was going to have NONE OF IT. She then screamed off an on for about an hour. And pooped.

Justin was telling me how being a dad is kind of like when people ask you "how it feels" to be another year older: it's not much different than before, only now you have a pet that can't take care of itself. Well, I'm paraphrasing, as I suggested the notion that a baby is like a pet.

I think Katy disagrees, as she doesn't get to go to work because she has to hang out with an infant all day. She said that everyday is like a Friday, but it is also like a Monday, and that she really only dislikes it when she spends six hours trying to get Caroline to stop crying.

She's cute and all, but she's not putting me in the mood to procreate anytime soon. In any event, I applaud Justin and Katy's terrific genetic efforts for producing a gorgeous baby!


Katy said...

You can't just drop in on her and expect she's going to be all smiles for you, Ty Ty. I know you want to be a baby whisperer though and I do applaud you for getting her to suck on her pacifier. She appreciated that.

each of the two said...

screamed and deficated.

isnt that like some of your dates?

WDL said...

i'm not sure who I think is cuter.