Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29th is a stupid day.

I still stand by my contention that February sucks balls. I'm not stepping down here, because I've had a miserable month. And you know what? Everyone I talk to will say in response, "February is the WORST!" See? It's true! It's cold and miserable (and Chicago has, of course, had the third-worst winter in its history) and everything seems to go to shit right on top of each other. A brief list of the awesome, bitchin' things that happened in the past twenty eight days include dealing with my father's cancer, realizing that insurance companies are SHIT even when you have insurance, figuring out my life after coming out to my parents through email (which, thank GOD, we still have not talked about, which is fine with me because, ew, I don't want to talk about my personal life with them like I do with strangers via my blog), having a reality-TV style blow up with an ex in a bar (said Erin: "At least you got to call someone 'a fucking cunt' and it wasn't just a joke. I've never done that!"), trying to manage my work-related stress, getting over rejection, and overloading on Christina's hilarity, which she's been unloading on me in efforts to cheer me up.

Also, I've been incredibly unproductive, despite having an extrememly prolific month of blogging here. But really, that's not something to write home about. I'm supposed to write a post for This Recording about how I didn't hate Juno and don't hate Diablo Cody, so expect a link to that missive of sheer brilliance soon. And because we have a rush of out-of-town visitors coming in March (Carissa next weekend, and Erin, Martha, and Christina's sister Carolyn the weekend after that), I'm going to clean the shit out of our apartment this weekend, which will include finally unpacking from my trip home at Christmas. Yes, I have had a suitcase sitting on my floor for the past two months.

I'm am very much looking forward to this weekend, during which I will be most likely taking it easy. I have nine DVDs to watch (the result of my spree last weekend), four movies on Netflix (one that I've had for a month), and three episodes of The Wire. The only social event I have planned for this weekend is a baptism, which is a nice change, actually. We shall have to see how low-key it actually turns out.

Anyway, February will be over in a matter of hours (thanks, you stupid fucking Leap Year, for giving me an extra day of Hell), and I'm sure March is going to be a whole lot smoother.

One nice thing: another published photo!


The [Cherry] Ride said...

My plans for the weekend involve drinking heavily to celebrate the last four miserable weeks.

Onward March!

Todd said...

Thank god it is March tomorrow. We finally made it.

Mary Stewart Masterson said...

Excuse me sir. OVERLOADING!?!?! I see how it is... Lets just see how cheery things around the apartment are going to be now minus all that hilarity.

Suck. my. balls.

Martha said...

Yay I'm excited to see you soon! And I'll bring you wine, wine always helps.

Jamie Lovely said...

Um seriously. Chicago was kicking our asses in February. I'm so glad it's March.

Hello, fellow Chicagoan. I found you through Each!