Monday, February 18, 2008

February IS a stupid month.

I usually wake up on Monday mornings with an incredible sense of dread. Usually the prospect of Friday evening is what gets me through the work week, and Monday mornings are miserable as I have to come to terms that the weekend is over and I have five days of hell before I can enjoy freedom again. This morning was business as usual, only my weekend was also full of misery, as I spent the majority of it depressed in bed as a result of my poor choices, as well as a good chunk of it crying on the phone with my parents because of Family Crisis 2008.

2008, I have to say, is hardly "2000-Great" as I had originally predicted, and more like 2007 2.0.

Anyway, I got to work early to prepare for a few hours of major stress and fear of being yelled at, and my day has surprisingly progressed quite nicely; for the first time in several weeks I actually feel like I'm on top of things and don't feel like I'm on the verge of being reprimanded for making mistakes I didn't know I was making. So, in a nutshell, my mind is confused about if I should be happy or sad. Perhaps the professional sector can rest assured while the other half can continue to worry about getting through the rest of this short, yet miserably hellish, month.

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bex said...

yeah. i still hate february.