Friday, February 01, 2008

Steps to becoming more mature: Stop reading Perez Hilton.

I took Perez Hilton off my blog reader this morning and I feel really good about it.

I think I can handle less crappy celebrity "news" during my day.

My decision was based on a post where he called Teri Hatcher fat. Now, I don't care about Hatcher, but she is certainly not fat. I don't think it's very funny to call ladies fat, especially if the person doing so is throwing his own obese stones from his glass house's front yard. Honestly, the man is disgusting in pretty much every way. As Julie Klausner wrote once, "There's not a fag I know who wouldn't rather fuck the Holocaust."


Karen Carpenter said...

For some one who doesn't think its funny to call ladies fat, you certainly like to call your BEST FRIENDS that.

BG5000 said...

Jesus, it's about fucking time.