Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Aussies and famous ex-girlfriends.

I was reading my website tracker that tells me where my readers are. I have one recurring reader in Australia, which is exciting. (Hi Australia!). Anyway, the idea of having a reader in Australia that I don't personally know (unless I suddenly forgot that one of my friends is in Australia), is pretty exciting, and I was talking to my friend Christina about it.

Me: i want to know who my australian fan is
Christina: nicole kidman
Christina: mystery solved
Me: hahahahaha
Me: i should post that SNIPPET
Me: that's funny
Me: you'll have your own fans
Christina: well i am a supporting character in the world of your blog
Me: I'm a fan of that dude's crazy celebrity-obsessed friend!
Christina: i'm not celebrtiy obsessed
Christina: i'm just obsessed with certain celebrities
Christina: most of which no one knows who they are
Me: most of them don't even know they're celebrities.
Christina: exactly

Speaking of celebrity-obsessed, I had another stupid / mildly amusing dream that I'd like to share:

Christina: last night i dreamed that zombies were attacking
Me: um
Christina: again
Me: i had a crazy dream the other night
Christina: i dream about being scared of zombies attacking a lot
Me: i was dating a girl named joey
Me: and we went a play
Christina: potter?
Me: and i bumped into joey lauren adams
Christina: from dawson's creek?
Christina: hahaha
Me: and we hadn't seen each other since we were in a movie together
Christina: hahha
Me: and it got awkward that i was dating another girl named joey
Me: because we had a fling on the set, apparently.
Christina: i wish i had your dreams


Little A said...

hi! i guess i better introduce myself... seeing as though it looks like i'm stalking you.
i came across your blog by accident - that little 'next blog' button and i thought you were pretty funny. hope you don't mind if i keep reading!

Tyler said...

Not at all! I'm excited to have a regular reader who isn't someone I told to read my blog!