Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm a muse!

My friend at JMU said that she needed to write some poems for her creative writing class. I told her to write a poem about her vagina, and she totally delivered:

pink, brown, white, and peach

vaginas can be soft, slimy, and sweet!

stubbly, hairy, and even bald,

some vaginas might be called

a name, like perhaps Vajay

or maybe even as simple as Lay!

The smell they make is so distinct

Too often, yes, mine seems to stink.

like an old rotten fish left in the fridge

and thats when i know i gotta clean the bitch

so girls don't forget to treat your vaginas well

for fear a penis might think its hell

rather clean it up! make it a little pink heaven.

and welcome the penises! mine has seen seven.


Dan said...

Haha, that was great. But it's kind of to believe someone who wrote that on their own couldn't come up with the subject matter on their own. Either way, solid A.

Ashley said...

wow, i was just reading through your blog today and came to that. i guess i should dedicate ten minutes of my life to reading it daily, cause hey, you've included my work! thanks ty ty, for showing it to the world/5 people who actually read this!