Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This entry is not for people who don't like poop.

I've been kind of depressed since this weekend. I think it's mostly because I couldn't kick the massive hangover that lasted a day and a half. Also, my mother gave me a deadline for when she'd stop loaning me money, which means I have to support myself starting February first.

Today I applied for two jobs online, one at the Newberry Library and one at SmithBucklin. I also went to another Urban Outfitters job fair (this time at the House of Blues hotel, which was weird). The girl who interviewed me last time recognized me and found my other application, which she said meant that I'm on the list of people they are considering. Hopefully going back shows that I actually need and want the job. On the train ride home, I decided that I could be happy working there indefinitely. I'd get an awesome discount. Plus, applying to a store which asks what your music tastes are really appeals to me, especially since I know all the right answers.

I also found about two more temp agencies, and these specialize in creative types (not the Scrabble-club and people-with-babies agencies I'm currently registered with).

Today one of the cats, Sinatra, was walking around with a piece of shit dangling from her ass, and I didn't know what to do. So I did nothing. Well, I wouldn't let her sit on the furniture. And I also watched where I stepped. I dealt with enough shit yesterday. Figuratively and literally. I discovered that one of the cats had not only missed the litterbox, but also the downstairs toilet was clogged haaardcore. I don't even know who uses that toilet. I know it wasn't me. Anyways, enough of that.

I've downloaded some good music recently, including the new Cat Power, Lou Reed's Transformer, Jenny Lewis's solo album, and most of the songs from the soundtrack to The Squid and the Whale. I've been listening to them all day, so I've been much happier than I was this weekend.

Oh! Today I saw this guy who looked a lot like my gay Republican stalker and I got homesick for JMU and Carrier Library.

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Anonymous said...

1. Nice waiting for Guffman reference.

2. Did you know they took out the little rotunda thing from the front lobby! I miss that lumpy piece of shit like crazy!

-laidie krizteenah