Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We're just talking to the kids.


Laurie and I just got home from seeing Art Brut at Schuba's. What a fan-fucking-tastic show!

I was really excited when I bought the tickets a month ago, but then for some reason my excitement dwindled. Huh. I was caught by surprise because they are quite entertaining!

But what could expect from the band who is "going to write the song that makes Isreal and Palestine get along"?

The lead singer, the slightly gross (but in a nice way) British dude, didn't play any instruments. And really, he doesn't sing, either. But come on. This is one of the best bands ever. They just make fun of every other kinda shitty indie garage-rock band while making really good music.

At one point, during a guitar solo, he jumped into the crowed and walked to the back of the room screaming the refrain with his hands cupped around his mouth. C'mon, beat that.

Also, at the end of "My Little Brother" (one of my favorites) when he shouts, "Stay OFF the crack!" he kept going: "STAY AWAY FROM PETE DOHERTY. He has a shitty arm and a bad tattoo."


In non-music news, I went to the Urban Outfitters hiring open house where I had the most laid-back interview ever. Honestly, Urban Outfitters is not what I'm looking for, so I decided to be honest and just be like, "Look, I'm good at customer service and the cash register so shut the hell up." Well, I wasn't so blunt but I did make some jokes and we all enjoyed them. Blah.

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