Sunday, November 13, 2005


There seems to be a pattern here. I keep waking up on Sunday afternoons with a painful headache, a hazy recollection of the night before, and lots of pictures.

I shall now try to piece together the events from last night with my photographic evidence.

Here's a picture of Laurie doing something funny while we were waiting for the El at our stop. We were already drunk, having had several glasses of wine, and we were going to our friend Julia's apartment. The heat lamps were on when we got there, and I was excited about taking pictures because the heat lamps were giving us "the best lighting EVERRRRR." I took about twenty-some pictures while we sat there. Here are highlights.

Tongues are funny:

I think this is me giving Kristin a good talkin'-to.

A guy on a passing train starting waving his fingers to us. Well, most likely not at me. Kristin and Laurie found it amusing.

Even when I'm drunk, I take pictures of stupid things like my feet.

This is how drunk I was:

This is still before we got to our friend's house. And it took me two or three tries to get my jacket buttoned correctly.

That's a really great shot.

I'm not sure why Julia's holding up grapes. Maybe to symbolize mistletoe?

I don't remember ever being on the floor.

My hair is eight feet tall.

I don't remember these chips...

...but apparently, I enjoyed them...

...a lot.

I don't remember passing out in the bowl, but it sure looks like I did.

I think this collection of pictures reflects why I haven't made any friends here yet. Also, people should not invite me over.

I do remember making book recommendations, though. I like to give off an idea that I'm literary, even when I'm having trouble standing up. I wrote down lists of Faulkner and Greene titles. I'm sure whoever I gave them to have no idea what I wrote down.

I'll now leave you with a picture of me almost eating pizza:


Kelly said...

Oh Tyler.

jared said...

If I didn't know better, I would think someone always needs to feed you (this according to your last picture, of course... although much could be said from any of them).

morgan said...

i wuld invite you over based solely on this photographic evidence.