Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Could we get any more Po-Mo?

These are probably my two favorite pictures I have. Ever.

In April, Laurie, Martha, Kristin and I went to my home town in the tidewater region of Virginia. After stopping in Montross, we went to Laurie's hometown, Warsaw, and then to her parents' house near Williamsburg. Of course, we had to stop in Colonial Williamsburg, just to see if it actually is as boring as it was when we were dragged there on family vacations as teenagers.

Yup, it still sucks a lot.

One of the great things about Colonial Williamsburg is that the vendors sell shitty, fake colonial-era outfits and accessories.

Here's Martha, Laurie and me with some nifty hats.

I also like watching the other families at Colonial Williamsburg. The demographic for the place seems to be parents who don't want to pay the forty dollars a ticket to take their kids to Busch Gardens, which is about ten miles away. Instead, they make them suffer through interpretive history lessons. I think this picture really exemplifies the typical family visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

There's a big fucking oxen that's peeing on the street. And this father / grandfather is scratching his ass. Priceless. Also, someone should tell that woman not to wear horizontal stripes.

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Anonymous said...

Your reported level of enjoyment of Colonial Williamsburg is based on what you brought to it. Apparently, you brought nothing to it! Bravo! The American educational system strikes again!