Monday, August 27, 2007

The (Almost) End of Sumratime 2K7.

Highlights from the weekend:

1. Kristin and I went to the Empty Bottle on Friday night to see Magnolia Electric Co. It was my fourth time seeing them (now tied with Of Montreal), but probably the best show I've seen them perform. Also, I'm kind of in love with Jason Molina, as every single song he writes at this point breaks my goddamn heart. To wit:

2. On Saturday I slept until 12:30. Then I went to Jewel with Christina, and upon my return, took a nap. It was a terrific day.

3. Adam and Alissa had an End of Summer (Observed) barbecue on Saturday evening, since they'll be in Europe over Labor Day weekend. While I should have taken the opportunity to wear white jeans for the (first and) last time of the summer, I forgot. Instead I wore my cut-offs, which can be seen in this great picture (not!!!) that Adam took.

Notice my sweet Wii Bowling posture. That's the kind of stance that allows you ten frames of spares!

3. During a brief conversation about The Hills on Saturday night, I loudly declared that Heidi Montag was "a date-rape waiting to happen." I blame the Red Stripes. [PS. Googling that picture enabled my discovery of The Hills Blog. Jackpot!]

4. I had three off-putting dreams this weekend. The first one involved my ex trying to make out with me, and I literally woke up on Saturday morning afternoon with a jump, and then was kind of pissed off the few hours I was awake. Then I had one on Saturday night wherein I ran into my ex-best friend at a family function. I was prepared to hate him still, but then he brought over his baby, whom he named "Moremont" after an imaginary place that I made up when we were kids. Clearly, the way to my heart is to name your baby after something I made up, even if the "place I made up" wasn't even something that happened in my childhood, just one of those dreams I have that involved a lot of fictional back-story. And last night I had some sort of breakdown in my dream when I realized I'd never get into grad school because I didn't read The Scarlet Letter in high school. I think my subconscious is mad at me.

5. Christina and I had a pizza party yesterday and invited everyone who helped us move into our apartment. It was a lot of fun because we played Argue, which is my new favorite game. Adam and I had to debate on this hot-button topic: You're on a date and you suddenly realize that you have to take a shit... do you go in your pants or do you go on a bush in front of your date? I successfully argued the latter, and my winning argument was, "If you put pants on a dog, it's just going to shit in its pants." That may not be convincing when taken out of context, but trust me: it was a pretty powerful thought.

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