Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bless your little heart, Mandy Moore.

Can I make a confession? Thanks.

Remember when Mandy Moore released that covers album (aptly titled Coverage)? And she did her own version of songs originally performed by Todd Rungren, XTC, Cat Stevens, and Joni Mitchell, among others?

Well. I bought it. I didn't download it. I actually went to a record store (Plan 9 in Harrisonburg, where the staff surely made fun of me) and paid money for it. And I enjoyed the hell out of that album because Mandy Moore is a motherfucking sweetheart.

Anyway, I found this video this morning of her doing a cover of "Umbrella" by Rihanna. Which is weird, yes, but slightly enjoyable. But I think my favorite part of the video is her introduction and her speech about how she doesn't usually listen to "Top 40" kind of music. Um, I beg your pardon, Mandy Moore? Sure, you're no longer singing stuff like "Candy" and admitted that your first album was shit, but you're not Top 40? And you don't listen to Top 40 anymore? Do you only listen to Zach Braff soundtracks?

It's not something to brag about.

Anyway, here's a video of Mandy Moore singing a Sheryl Crow-ish version of "Umbrella":


matt said...

that is the best bit, for sure.
i'm wondering if what she means is that she doesn't tend to listen to hip-hop and r&b?

regardless, when she goes on about the song being so 'melodic', it's ironic in its own right, given that what every blessed critic goes on about is rihanna sounds like a robot.

ah, well. i've listened to it twice and probably will again.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

To answer your question, No, I was not aware that Mandy Moore had done a cover album.

a girl you know said...

She can't prounounce um-be-rella properly, but I like it. Oh the shame!

MonoCerdo said...

Thanks, Tyler, because I always kind of liked that song, but the original is a little too "Kiss FM" for my taste. This version is much nicer.

SummerB said...

I love this version.