Monday, August 20, 2007

I will gladly take that dude's job.

Because I'm lazy and admittedly vapid and uninterested in the news unless it primarily affects me, I don't read the newspaper. I've thought about getting a subscription to one, maybe even just a Sunday edition, but let's be honest - all that will leave me with is a stack of newspapers, mostly unread (except for the Arts section and possibly the Best Buy ads). And since I already have a growing stack of unread Vanity Fairs and Smithsonians, I don't need to add to the clutter.

Basically, I only read things in the New York Times when they are pointed out to me, like this article about AC Newman's wedding, which would have probably made me really mad had it not featured Neko Case, who can do no wrong no matter how many pretentiously indie-rock wedding receptions she's involved in.

Vicariously through Gabe Delahaye's column on Gawker, I read Randy Cohen's "The Ethicist" column. There's no need to read Cohen's actual column, whereas Delahaye's feature is pitch-perfect every single week as it rips apart the assholes who think it makes perfect sense to ask their burning ethical questions with a signed letter to a national news paper. Today, was no exception, although it made me wonder WHY PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID. Please, ponder this paragraph from a link Delahaye provided in reference to one of this week's letters:

Nick McCarvel tells The Ethicist (second letter) that his editor ordered him not to mention that he worked for the magazine when he posted on publication's blogs. "Your ethical instincts are excellent: it is wrong to deceive the readers, even implicitly, and that’s what your editor asked you to do," writes Ethicist Randy Cohen. McCarvel doesn't name his employer but a web search shows he was an intern at Tennis magazine.

Doesn't anyone understand the power of Google?

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matt said...

Yeah, I read that on Romenesko, but I don't understand: which job is it you want to take?

Tyler said...

Nick McCarvel's. I have no problem with being unethical. I'm ready to sell-out.