Monday, August 20, 2007

My little brother is becoming my little adult.

My brother is at college, which is WEIRD because he's my LITTLE BROTHER and he's at COLLEGE where he will make HUGE MISTAKES but also HAVE THE BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE.

I called my mom on Saturday to see how Empty Nest 2.0 was coming along, and she seemed fine. In fact, she was sassy with me when I told her that I really just called to tell her what I wanted for my birthday ("Thanks, Tyler. I've been thinking about that all day."), and I have the feeling that she and my dad are absolutely fine and are enjoying the house to themselves for once by eating the good food, drinking wine, watching movies, and not having sex because eww they don't do that.

And my mom only had one crazy thing to say about David's roommate, which was: "He seems nice. He's from Pennsylvania and only has three piercings. Who knows how many others he has hidden."

I talked to David this morning about his first impressions, and I'm glad to know college is exactly the same as when I entered six years ago!

Tomorrow is David's birthday. I think I'll buy him this poster:

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