Thursday, August 02, 2007

I don't have air conditioning.

In addition to cable, Christina and I are too cheap for air conditioning.

Well, I'll admit that I wouldn't be too cheap for it if I didn't spend all of my money on alcohol this summer, but you have to admit (if you live in Chicago) that the past few months have been generally cool and A/C seems like a luxury I don't particularly need. That is until Monday, when God decided that not only should I have no money in my account to fund my drinking habits, the temperature should also hit the 90s this week.

So basically, Christina and I spend our evenings sweating a lot and watching the three channels we do get: CBS, a very, very fuzzy ABC, and the CW. And let me tell you: neither How I Met Your Mother nor Girlfriends are any funnier when you're delirious from heat stroke.

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