Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Justice with a SNAP!

I kind of like judge shows because my parents raised me on Judge Judy, meaning that she was on every single afternoon during my high school years and, because I was lazy, bored, and addicted to moving images and sassy ladies on the TV, I would watch the show begrudgingly. Then I finally admitted that I had a problem and owned it. I like Judge Judy. Why not? She "takes no prisoners," as my dad says.

[Note: I was going to post a video from YouTube of Judge Judy's greatness, but we've all seen it, and you get it. Also, the best part about looking up Judge Judy videos is that people who have been on the show post their own cases. They are proud of themselves, no doubt.]

Anyway, there have been a lot of other judge shows that haven't been as successful, and each judge has their own little characteristic that sets them apart from the rest. Judge Judy is sassy and Jewish. There's a sassy, black judge. There's a sassy Latina judge. And now, there's a sassy gay judge.

Please, please, please go to his website and watch the promotional videos. Judge David Young will thank you for it. He loves the law, he loves to teach, and he loooooves to entertaaaaain! In song, no less.

My favorite part of this is that they don't say outright that the man is G-A-Y. Sure, he has "personality" and "loves showtunes," but can't a 48-year-old man be straight and still admit he fears his mother? Oh, wait:

Judge Young's compassion and concern extends to animals as well. He sits on the board of the Miami-Dade Humane Society and devotes time to many animal rescue initiatives. He is also an avid collector of penguins and has over 1,000 as a tribute to the character in the "Batman" television series. He is also a member of Weight Watchers and attends weekly meetings. Young lives in Miami with his partner of 12 years, Judge Scott Bernstein, and their Cairn poodle mix dog named Maggie.

Hmm. Guess not.


Chris said...

Oh my god I am in love with Judge David.

Cristina said...

Yeah, I admit it. I love Judge Judy too. I love it when she gives the smackdown to the litigants. I've tried watching some of the other judge shows (People's Court, Judge Mathis, etc) and those shows are out of control. Judy wouldn't put up with the litigants raging at each other. She'd be throwing out their lawsuit and kicking their asses out of the court!

Anyway, I'm all about watching Judge David. Looks funny for sure.

Great blog by the way...