Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two things I LOVE about The Hills:

1. Lauren Conrad is really smart:

2. The many faces of Whitney, Lauren's "boss" at Teen Vogue:


each of the two said...

really tyler?


please get out of the house, go get a burrito or something...

Tyler said...

Don't judge me, Katryne. I'm watching it at WORK for crying out loud. And besides, have you SEEN The Hills? It's the funniest show on television!

each of the two said...

you're right,
i have not (can you feel my lament?) seen "the Hills" so i did jump a little too soon on the judgy train.

hell i should just shut the hell up on all things pop-culture as i did have a mini- and shameful -obsession with So You Think You Can Dance.


dianabobar said...

lol! it is funny indeed! they are such drama queens it hurts. Oh and when I see that Spencer guy, I just wanna laugh as hard as I can, I don't know why!