Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Poll: What song do you hate the most?!

I'm phoning it in today because I'm leaving for vacay in a few hours and I don't feel like thinking too much right now, so here's a poll.

For the record, the song that inspires the most hatred in my dark, dark soul is "Ignition" by R. Kelly. I swear to God, every time I hear that song I want to shove rusty nails down my throat and let them pass through my body (I'm trying not to be TOO scatological here) so that the pain from hearing that motherfucking song will temporarily be relieved by the prospect of getting tetanus in my intestinal tract.


I've been asking other people what their least-favorite songs were. Megan responded, "I've had the string section from 'Funkytown' stuck in my head all week, so, that song." Which is a good answer.

Adam has two:

[Note: This shows how stupid people actually like this song and think it's sung by Tom Petty rather than Tom Cochrane. FUCK ALL OF YOU.]

My dad also has two songs that inspire road rage on occasion:

I've seen the road rage. It's not pretty.

My mom loves to do impressions of Dolores O'Riordan's nasally voice when she hears this one:

Here's my brother's pick, which resulted from the summer where I drove him around with this song blasting on my stereo on REPEAT. Seriously. I'm sorry, David; we all make mistakes.

So, Internet, what's YOUR most-hated song?


BG5000 said...

"Life is a Highway" is really Whit's. That John Mayer abortion is the one that gets my full, undivided hatred.

Chris said...

Anything by Staind or Tool. Also at karaoke last weekend, I heard "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" and told Steve, "This song makes me so angry, I could give birth to bats," then made a hand gesture of a bat flying out of my hoo-hah. I was kind of drunk at the time and it seemed to make sense.

each of the two said...

no one will ever be able to explain to me how KNICKLEBACK has a career.

they suck so much i would rather stick a souldering iron in my eye, while converting to a life long promise of scientology during a ritual elephant gang bang on my ass hole, all while sucking a pre-op tranny's dance club, sweat soaked nut sack.

oh, and Hinder too.

Anonymous said...

Anything by The Killers, especially that one about androgyny.

jenny said...

FUCK. now "every little thing she does is magic" is in my head.

as if my head could get any worse.

oh, and i REALLY hate 'your eyes' by peter gabriel. i blame 'say anything.'

Tyler said...

jenny, my life's philosophy is basically "blame say anything." because i hate it.

a girl you know said...

Girlfriend by Avril Lavine (I don't even know how to spell her name). It makes me want to pull my own fingernails out.