Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I may laugh at others' misfortunes but I'M NOT MADE OF WOOD.

I'd like to take a moment from blogging about gay Republicans and penis-slippage to focus on something sincere for a sec, ok?

First, I heard back from one the jobs at Northwestern: I didn't get it, although I got a nice email from the guy I interviewed with saying that everyone really liked me and want to find a place in their department. At least it seemed like something that was personal and wasn't just a nice way of telling me I wasn't chosen, which made me feel slightly less upset about it. And then Katy made me feel even better:

And that's the perfect segue into what I planned to write about today: PREGNANCY.

Some of you know that Katy is preggers, and it's kind of weird because she and Justin are really the only close friends I have who are married, much less expecting a child. And that's exciting, and surprisingly not freaking the shit out of me (no matter how often Katy likes to suggest that I'll be in the hospital with her when she gives birth, even delivering the placenta). This is probably one of the reasons why I read an excerpt from Birth: The Surprising History of How We are Born by Tina Cassidy last week.

The first six pages, available on Amazon, were really fascinating and I want to pick up the book sometime this week to read the rest. I will admit, however, that I was a little disturbed when the author explained the details of her complicated first pregnancy, and I found out exactly what a c-section was. And it made me wonder: why is pregnancy such a scary subject? I mean, sure, I'm a guy, but should I really have gone nearly twenty-four years not knowing that sometimes to get a baby out, they have to remove the uterus from a woman's stomach and then stick it back in when it's done? I mean, it happens. It happened to my mother twice. I don't necessarily think that birth should be such a taboo subject, and it shouldn't be so uncomfortable to talk or read about.

When we were discussing this over the weekend, Justin made a good point: after all of the gross-out humor in Knocked Up (which I haven't seen yet), the image that made the audience gasp was a shot of the baby crowning during the birth. When are we going to be less sensitive about that image? Is it because we're scared of the vagina?

Anyway, those were just some thoughts. I didn't take any gender studies in college, so I've gotta express them here.

Also, in case you're wondering, Katy is having a girl, tentatively named Google Menard. Although I'd like to point out that Tyler is unisex, especially since I take a little credit for the conception as it took place shortly after I took this picture:

It was fate.

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Katy said...

God I am beautiful. I'd also like to point out that you delivering the placenta was not a suggestion but a request.