Friday, May 05, 2006

Awesome first-hand news.

It only took nine months after moving here and three-hundred and sixty-three days after graduating from college for me to get a real job. That's right, I'm officially employed as of May 15th. It's just at DePaul and it's basically what I'm doing now, but I get benefits (!), a discount at the Barnes and Noble in my building (!!), and I get to take up to eight credit hours every quarter for FREE!!! Hell, I could just get a master's there in two years. That might be a good thing to think about if the MAPH thing doesn't work out, and I'm just so damn excited to be able to take classes in the fall. AHHHH I'm happy. Oh, and there's the whole raise thing. That's pretty nice.

So yeah, I'm excited right now. One more week of temping and I'm DONE. Woo!

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