Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday afternoon cop-out.

After a long, fun weekend filled with marine life, really bad theater, a lot of ground beef, and Carissa stalking creepy, mustachioed improv actors on MySpace, as well as a long day of new-employee orientation (I DON'T KNOW WHICH HMO TO SIGN UP FOR!!!!), I don't have the energy to write a real post, but I will leave you with a comment someone left me on this post, because I'm so goddamned obsessed with it. It made me LOL.

Joey said...

what fuckin´ kind of a loser are you? Who gives a fuck about Pete´s private life, when him and Barat are the most awesome musicians in the world? As I rate you, loser, you probably listen to this childish R´n´B "music" and think this Beyonce knowles, or whatever you spell that whore, is a good singer? Luckily, thereƂ´s VH1, eh? Get a life, mate. With regards from Birmingham.

PS. Don't make the mistake of clicking on "Joey's" hyperlink like me, unless you actually do want to visit "sex dot com."

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