Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A telephone conversation with Taye Diggs.

So I was sitting at home last night, still pissed off (if you missed the blog-o-drama yesterday, sorry, I don't feel like filling you in), and watching Match Point. (The movie was okay, by the way, but too much like Crimes and Misdemeanors. It had its moments, but it was too long.) I was almost finished with the film when my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that the caller was actor Taye Diggs, so I paused the DVD and answered the phone.

Me: Hello?

Taye Diggs: (awkward pause.) Hello?

Me: Uh, hi Taye.

TD: Oh, hey Tyler. (Laughs.) Sorry, I didn't mean to call you, I think I dialed your number by mistake.

Me: Oh, that's okay. Who did you mean to call.

TD: Well, I'm trying to get in touch with Anthony Rapp.

Me: Oh, that makes sense. Our phone numbers are pretty similar.

TD: Well, anyway, what are you up to?

Me: Oh, not much, just watching Match Point. Have you seen it?

TD: Yeah, I saw it a few months ago.

Me: How'd you like it?

TD: Well, Scarlett sure isn't an Angelica Houston.

Me: I KNOW. Seriously, same fuckin' movie.

TD: Yeah.

Me: Why are you trying to get in touch with Anthony? Doing the revival of Rent already?

TD: (Laughs.) Nah... Kanye is interested in sampling "Seasons of Love" on a new song and wants the original cast to sing the first few lyrics or something. I was going to ask what he thought about it.

Me: Eh, that's kind of lame.

TD: Yeah. So, what's been going with you lately?

Me: Oh, you know, the same old shit. Job's kinda boring. People are leaving douche comments on my blog.

TD: Yeah, I saw that shit. Lame-o. But you know, there'll always be some haters. Try being on a WB show.

Me: (Laughs.) Yeah, I know, it's just annoying. We're not in middle school anymore, you know?

TD: Don't remind me of middle school. It wasn't easy growing up with a name like "Taye."

Me: Hey, try having people tell you that you're spelling your last name wrong.

TD: (Laughs.)

Me: I mean, I guess I take it too personally, I always do. Back in second grade I came home crying to my mom because some Asian kid told me that "Tyler" was a funny name. Then my mom asked me what the other kid's name was, and she laughed and told me not to worry about it.

TD: What was his name?

Me: "Woo."

TD: (Laughs.) Yeah, you shouldn't have to deal with people like that. People are always going to be all Tom Petty and mean about things, and there's no need for shit like that.

Me: Yeah, I know. Well, I should probably get back to this movie and let you go call A-Rapp.

TD: I'll tell him you said hello.

Me: Thanks. Oh, and something else -

TD: Yeah?

Me: How do you feel about U2?

TD: They suck balls.

Me: That's what I thought. Have a good night!

TD: Later!


Christina said...

AAAAaaanad scene! I love you Tyler! I'm totally going to give Taye a "shout out" to you when I meet him this summer, when he returns to his old stomping ground. And we'll write a musical about your phone conversation, but Anthony Rapp will have to play you because he does a way better shopping cart. Deal with it.

Steve said...

That Taye is so down to earth, you know? That's my favorite quality about him.

Aethlos said...

taye is SO hot... next time he calls please give him my number.