Monday, May 08, 2006

Ten things.

I don't have an interesting story to tell, so I'm just going to list some recent goings-on.

1. This morning I went to HR to fill out some paperwork. Illinois employers love background checks. I never had to do one in Virginia, but I've filled out several of these forms since moving to Chicago. They don't mess around here in the Midwest. I also found out how much I'll be making, and it's four cents below the maximum hourly wage, so I'm pretty pleased with that. At this point, anything over twenty thousand is a dream come true.

2. Nicole and I went to Dan and Kristin's on Saturday to help them paint their living room. It was fun because I like to paint and they paid us in pizza and beer. I ate three-fourths of a pizza by myself, and I also had five beers. But I wasn't drunk, because everyone knows you can't get drunk during the daytime.

3. I went with Kristin to Home Depot to get more paint, and we met Lindsay in the alley en route. We picked her up and she came with us to the store and decided to get paint for her room. Then she had to get primer. Then we lost her for a good ten minutes, and Kristin found her talking to another Home Depot customer. Lindsay will always find someone to talk to, and that's why I'm glad she's my friend.

4. Kristin has a car now! This is fun. I like having friends with cars, because then I can ride-along to Home Depot. And they also bring me fun things like vacuums.

5. We have a vacuum now. Well, Kristin just let us borrow hers, but it's still exciting because we've never vacuumed. And our carpets are filthy. We have two cats. Think about it.

6. I randomly Googled my screenname and found out that Shanghaiist used one of my pictures on a post. Of all the pictures I had, Shanghaiist, why did you have to use the one of me from Halloween? Jeez.

7. Yesterday I woke up around 10:00 to John Cougar Mellancamp. I was really confused, and after I woke-up a bit I realized the music was coming from outside. (At first I had a flashback to freshman year when Fuckhead Dickens would play really shitty music on his computer. Then I remembered I live in Chicago and hearing John Cougar Mellancamp isn't such a weird thing, considering he's basically the poet laureate of the Midwest.) The kid next door was continuing to build this big box-thing, which now looks a lot like a rocket.

8. I'm sick again, this time with allergies (I think). I'm self-medicating with store-brand Benadryl, which means I'm either really drowsy or incredibly alert.

9. My mom emailed me this morning to say that she was in the flower shop at home and ran into my high school friend Jannette, who picking up flowers. For her wedding. Which happened on Saturday. This was news to me because I didn't know she was engaged. She and her Australian husband are moving down under in a few weeks. I'm very happy for her, although it just reminds me that I don't have a girlfriend. People are not following the rule I set up two years ago which states that none of my friends are allowed to get married until I'm in a relationship.

10. Carissa and Christina will be here in THREE DAYS. I'm incredibly excited, although we need to clean the house because it's all kinds of disgusting. It's worth it though. Those ladies like a clean house.

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Christina said...

Hahah we totally do.

Look, he's putting a peak onto a castle fort. Next thing you know, he'll be out there digging a moat.