Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring cleaning.

I've seen some disgusting things in my life. For example, I worked at a Virginia state park for two summers. When I got to work on my first day way back in 2002, my boss dropped me off at the snack bar and told me to clean it. It hadn't been cleaned since September of 2001, when the pool closed. It was May. It took me two days to clean the place. There was mice shit everywhere, and a dead fuzzy thing that resembled a mouse in the FREEZER.

My experience last night might have topped that.

I want you to look at the pictures I took of our stove:

As you can see, it's disgusting, because people cook things and then don't clean up the spilled grease and food that flies out of the pan. I'm saying "people" instead of "we," because I don't cook. I use the oven to heat up pizzas and chicken. That's pretty easy to clean up, and I do it.

Just in case you didn't find that disgusting enough, check out this close-up:

Notice the slimy white stuff that looks like cake frosting? Well, I know it's not cake frosting, but that's all I'm sure of. I'm guessing it's a combination of grease and water. I do know that it was disgusting and I basically mopped it up with paper towels.

I also vacuumed the stairs, which haven't been vacuumed since we moved in. I learned my lesson: if you're going to have long-haired cats, you're also going to have to own a vacuum. On the bright side, I realized that the carpet is, in fact, brown, not a greyish dirt color.

So yeah, it was a rough night. I hope Christina and Carissa appreciate the hard work.


MonoCerdo said...

So you finally bought a vacuum?! How adult (not in the truck stop Adult sort of least I hope not...err).

Tyler said...

NO! I didn't buy the vacuum! Our friends own TWO and let me borrow one. BUT because we never vacuum, we filled the one bag up with Persian cat hair and had to buy a three-pack of Hoover bags. I guess that sort of makes us adult?

Also, I don't get the truck stop thing.