Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dispatches from the Management.

A few things:

1. This morning, after putting a CD in to play on my computer, Windows brought up iTunes. Since this was Ed's old cubicle, it still had all of his music in the library. I deleted it, because I don't listen to Kelly Clarkson or Spanish disco.

2. iTunes connected me to my co-workers' music libraries. Now I know what most people listen to, and believe me, it's a constant surprise.

3. I'm flat broke. F-L-A-T. No more Chipotle this week, kids. That means I'll be eating peanut butter for the next three days.

4. I ran out of Peter Pan peanut butter while making my sandwich this morning, so I opened up a jug of JIF that I bought last week. I had to mix the two brands, which makes me feel gross. Plus, JIF is just inferior to Peter Pan and everybody knows it.

5. I looked through the class schedules for the summer and the fall and I'm already incredibly excited. I found a graduate course in Southern Fiction. What what!

6. My boss told me this morning to feel free to bring in my "personal effects". I actually rummaged through my room this morning before work to see if I had ANYTHING with which to decorate my bare cubicle walls. I found two pictures, a postcard from JMU, a WXJM sticker, and a Clash sticker. "Well, I guess I do like The Clash," I thought. Still, it's rather empty here.

7. I'm really not pleased that MySpace has been taken over by X-Men.

8. Has anyone seen the commercials for this movie? The Lake House is my Snakes on a Plane.

9. I'm sorry I'm not writing a real post with a real story and everything, but I really don't have something completely hilarious to write about. It's sad but it's true. Things have been going well since the employment has come through. Friends have visited, I'm going to be taking classes again, I have a discount to Barnes & Noble, and I'm going to be able to have real health insurance that I can afford, therefore making me one step closer to financial freedom from the parents. It's a nice feeling. Also, Nicole and I may have found an apartment and I have a good feeling it'll pan out, even though it seems too good to be true. So, yeah, things are being positive, so I'll try to do the same.

10. U2 still sucks balls.


Lisa said...

I just reached the one-year mark at my job and I still haven't bothered to bring in any personal effects. I have a couple of random postcards on a bulletin board and that's it. I'm fairly certain that things will look exactly as they do now when I leave... I've never been able to figure out what one should decorate with.

Christina said...

JIF is so much better than Peter Pan! Are you crazy!? Choosy moms choose Jif, and peter pan is wood glue.

Sara said...

I've been here since September. All I keep here is a mug. I did hang a copy of the following cartoon on my cube wall, though.

Since I do some copyright stuff and all.

monocerdo said...

Bringing in personal effects just fuels the fire for bad office small talk, "chit-chat," if you will. Also, it's all the more crap you have to lug out of there when you quit, and, if you're me, it's all the more crap you have to bring right back to the VERY SAME CUBE when you decide that you need that horrible temp job again after all.

Kelly said...

i'm all about Skippy

Steve said...

I agree with Sara. If you, say, get fired from your job, it's really awkward to take down 30 postcards from the wall of your cubicle while your H.R. director is hovering over you, making sure you don't steal anything.