Friday, May 26, 2006

I liked it better when it was funny and starred Bob Denver.

I'll be honest: I've seen probably eight minutes of Lost ever, and that was enough to bore me. I don't like my TV shows to make me think. I like my TV shows to make me laugh on purpose (like Arrested Development or The Office), make me laugh because it's so bad (like Flavor of Love), or make me feel emotionally involved in the characters' unrealistic lives (like Dallas). I don't watch lost because I don't like to mix my puzzles with my melodrama. If I wanted to do that I could spend a month living with my grandparents, completing books of Sudoku while listening to them have arguments they can't understand because they're sixty-percent deaf. No, that's doesn't sound exciting, does it? That's why I don't watch Lost.

My roommate Nicole is obsessed with television and therefore obsessed with Lost. She went over to Steve and Lisa's on Wednesday night to watch the finale. (She even bought banana chips to take because she was under the impression that she was supposed to bring island-themed snacks.)

Last night, I was sitting in the kitchen talking to Nicole, and Joe walked in and asked if she saw the last episode. What happened next was this bizarre conversation that completely went over my head. Nicole, who rarely speaks in complete sentences when she's sober, began to converse furiously with Joe about whateverthehell happened the night before. I felt like I was watching a Robert Altman movie because they were speaking all over each other and getting excited about their dialogue and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. I'd never seen two sober people talk so excitedly about anything before. It blows my mind.

So seriously, why does everyone have Lost fever? It just make me long for the simple days of '80s television where there were no riddles to figure out, no clues to find, no crazy premises.

Oh, how I miss Dallas.


megAN! said...

tyler, you know i don't have a lot of time to watch tv in between my personal melodramas, but i ALWAYS watch lost. you need rethink this. order the first season from netflix and watch them as close together as possible. you watch gilmore girls, but not lost? that's just obscene.

even in the midst of all the crazy going on in my life this week, i made time for the two-hour season finale.

Lisa said...

I think you can watch it without getting terribly obsessive and trying to think about every little nuance of the characters and 'mythology.' I watch it each week, maybe talk about it for five minutes, and then move on... the same as any other show. (Except Grey's...I'll talk about that for hours.)

Maybe you don't like the gimmick? I have to say, I don't really. If I could just watch all of the seasons in one lump, I'd be pretty happy. But, there is something to be said for a show that at least encourages the viewer to put their mind to work a little more than, I don't know, Flava FLAV! (Speaking of, is he still with Hoops?)