Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sarah Lin!

Once I was watching Gilmore Girls with my senior-year roommate Martha. (This is before I liked Gilmore Girls, by the way, and was probably only watching it because Martha was obsessed and there was nothing else to do. I swear.) I remember seeing Rory's friend Lane, the cool Asian music-lover, and I said, "Man, I wish I had a cool Asian friend." Then I said, "Man, I wish I had an Asian friend." And then I remembered, "Oh wait - Sarah Lin!"

Sarah was this crazy-assed little Chinese girl who I knew for a few years in school. During senior year she left JMU to live with her parents in Texas and I haven't seen her since. I do, however, have sporadic correspondence with the girl, since occasionally she'll call me and, for example, leave a seemingly-frantic message on my cell phone telling me "she really needs my help." When I call her back quickly (within minutes because I just happened to be in the other room and forgot that my phone was on vibrate), the following conversation ensues:

Me: "Hey, Sarah, are you okay? What's wrong?"

Sarah Lin: "HI TYLER! I'm in the video store and I wanted to know if I should rent The Notebook or Two Can Play At That Game."


Anyways, happy birthday, Sarah! I'm sure it's like ninety-five degrees in Texas right now and you're by the pool while I'm sitting under the covers because, even though it's MAY and SHOULD BE WARM, CHICAGO HATES WARM WEATHER AND WANTS ME TO SUFFER IN THE MID-FIFTIES.

PS. Sarah Lin falls out of papizan chairs after she's been drinking:


Christina said...

I was sad when we threw that chair out, sure it was super unsteady and you'd fall more than not, but occasionally if you balanced it just right and didn't move, you could have a pretty sweet nap.

Nicole said...

Who's that Asian girl? I feel like I should know her but I'm not sure...