Saturday, January 21, 2006

Go Google yourself.

You think searching "hairy vaginas" is the only way to find my blog? Think again!

1. "wearing bra to bed stunts breast growth"
I can just picture some thirteen-year-old girl Googling this because her friend (who is probably much more advanced than she is) told her that her boobs aren't going to get any bigger. Don't worry, Britney: it's an urban legend.

2. "charles grodin health"
I'm glad I'm not the only Charles Grodin fan on the Internet who's really concerned about his well-being.

3. "jack and jackie instant feedback"
I really hope this was not Jake or Jackie because finding my post about them would be slightly embarassing.

4. "what happens to michelle williams character in brokeback mountain"
Geez, dude. Going to see the gay cowboy movie does not make you gay. If you're really that curious about what happens to Michelle Williams in the movie, just go see it. Or at least get it on Netflix in about six months and don't tell your friends about it.

5. "adrien brody underweight"
Is he? I figured he made up for it all in that nose. It's really big! Admit it!

6. "muss morgan DC"
My friend Morgan totally Googled herself. LOSER!


morgan said...

WOW!!! i didn't google myself!! i REALLY REALLY hope i have a stalker!!!!!

morgan said...

i did google mysekf immediately after writing that, though.