Thursday, January 19, 2006

This one's full of useless pop-culture.

Today I was flipping through the cable channels and came across Ray on HBO. I haven't seen it and I never will because I absolutely hate, hate, hate Jamie Foxx. I could have watched it last year when it came out on DVD because my hatred for Jamie Foxx hadn't begun yet. I swear to God, if he "invokes the spirit of Ray Charles" on one more fucking song (or even just uses that phrase in another interview), I will shoot myself in the eye. In the eye, Jamie Foxx! That's what you're doing to me.

I had a conversation with Christina this afternoon about Chuck Norris and how we don't understand the obsession with him right now. Seriously. It's Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is the new Mr. T. Who's next? Richard Dean Anderson? Scott Bakula?

I really hope that Charles Grodin is the next Chuck Norris.

I just spent fifteen minutes looking for pictures of Charles Grodin and I found this website devoted to Grodin and I found pictures of the cover of his book:

If only Tim Gunn and Charles Grodin would move to Chicago and get my life into order. That'd be a reason to get out of bed every morning.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure all Tim Gunn would do, is stare at you with those piercing eyes, and you'd break down in tears. How bout Oprah? She's local.

Grodin however would probably talk your ear off then sing a rendention of "Happiness Miss Piggy" into your cell phone for me. So go with that one.

also: shave your fucking vagina.



Kelly said...

I agree. Chuck Norris blows, as does his new found popularity. Also, I just saw a commercial featuring a song with Ludacris rapping over Jamie Foxx singing "Georgia" as Ray Charles. LAME.