Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm boring and self-absorbed.

My interview this morning went alright. The manager who interviewed me was very nice and easy to talk to. I'd be qualified for the job if I had ever had phone sales experience, but whatever, I think I did the best I could to get my abilities across. The woman said that she'd call me if I got the position or not, which is more than most of the people who have interviewed me have done.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I received another disc of Gilmore Girls from Netflix, and I have to say that season four is kinda boring. Thank God Jess is gone, but now Lorelai is going to date this guy who I hate. I hate both the character and the actor. I don't know what his name is, but he was in The Last Days of Disco and that stupid post-Seinfeld show It's Like, You Know...

I also received and watched GoodFellas. I liked it, but it's nothing that's particularly memorable.

My friend Stacey is having a Chinese New Year party on Saturday night. I'm very excited. I get really excited about parties now because they happen so infrequently. Plus, the alcohol is (usually) free. I also get psyched that I'll meet some fantastically interesting new person, but it usually doesn't happen because I can't approach strangers until I've researched their lives on MySpace. That's probably creepy, but it's true. Besides, "Hey, aren't you on MySpace?" is such an effective line.

Man, I really miss being able to just run out, hop in my car, and drive to a friend's house. Now visits have to be planned out in advance and are also rare occasions. I really want to do something fun tomorrow, something that doesn't involve reading essays on southern identity.


Aethlos said...

i just felt like adaptation could have been something REALLY brilliant... if he wouldn't have gone meta... if he wouldn't have taken the easy way out. I LOVE Kaufman's work, i think he's a genius, and i would love to see what that script would look like if he had to adapt it AGAIN, but this time without cheating. He admitted on Charlie Rose that he was CERTAIN the studio would reject that draft outright, and when they received it they were clearly perterbed, and he thought he was going to have to start over from scratch, but they warmed up to it eventually. Ugh. So disappointing. What i hated most about it was how his twin brother was a screenwriter, and did it in three acts, and took the classes, and all that... how he actually laid his ENTIRE struggle with the script out in the film. Argh...! Maybe it irritates me so much because i've been to film school. And in film school that is the most common cheat, and most annoying thing every hack student tries to create - a film about how i'm going to make a film about making film. That book could have been made into something else... and perhaps something GORGEOUS. :)

Aethlos said...

i think i missplled perturbed. oh fukc it.

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to write about something going right in your life, there has to be something, seriously, you're killin me here.

-your personal motivational speaker/bff

bcarter3 said...

The actor you don't like is named "Chris Eigeman".