Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Silly poop day.

Man, I'm really enjoying this forty-degree Chicago weather. Remember when it was six degrees? Whoa, that was cold!!

[Dear VH1 executives: did you just see how I can recollect things that happened a week ago? Hint, hint!]

I have a sore throat again so I went to the Osco to buy some Echinacea. I don't understand why the 400mg Echinacea is less expensive than the 125mg Echinacea, but I don't care because I want to hit this cold with as much herbal supplement as possible!

Also, Osco was having a sale: buy one bottle of Echinacea, get one free. Great. I now have enough Echinacea for every sore throat in Chicago.

I was really only going to get one bottle. I don't need two bottles of Echinacea. Of course, I end up in Jo Ann's line, and she made me run back and get another bottle. Jo Ann is this older woman who works at the Southport Osco who never ceases to drive me crazy. I think she has some personality disorder that makes her turn crazy mid-transaction. She can start out by calling me dear and then make me feel like an asshole by the time she hands me the receipt. She also drives me up the wall because she's the only Osco employee who sits down at the register and tells the customer to slide their merchandise closer to her.

I'm also kind of in a bad mood because I went to Gap today to return a Christmas present a family friend gave me. I was excited when I got there because they were having an end-of-the-season-sale and I found this great coat that was marked down seventy dollars. When I got to the register, I handed the woman my return item, and she informed me that she couldn't take it because it was purchased at the Gap outlet. Aurgh!

I was in a bad mood for the rest of the afternoon so I came home, watched the original King Kong (which, by the way, is really dumb, but we have to pretend it's good because it was made in 1933 and was therefore extremely impressive for its time, the same way we would say a first-grader's sponge painting of a blue dinosaur is a goddamn masterpiece) and then took a nap. I did make some phone calls today, even though no one answered and I had to leave voicemail that will surely go unreturned.

I'm going to make tonight great, though. I'm going to take my Echinacea, get two dollar martinis from Strega Nona with Kristin, watch Wedding Crashers and Project Runway, then pass out at a reasonable hour. Hurrah!


EQ said...

Hey! You want to work for VH1? I want to work for VH1! I've wanted to work there ever since back in the day, when "Pop Up Video" was on. Man, those "Pop Up Video" cats were some smartass bitches. I envy them still.

I would settle for "I Love The...," though, especially since it's often the case that they show a clip and I make a witty remark, only to have the exact same witty remark made seconds later by Michael Ian Black.

Damn you, Black!

Tyler said...

Hell yes I want to work for VH1! It's my pretend five-year plan!